Selecting the best web host

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No matter how you slice it, web hosting is complicated. There are thousands of unique web hosts to consider when looking for a home for your website, and if you don’t leverage the options carefully, you may quickly find yourself stuck with a real dud.

So where does one go to find the latest in web hosting news and information? How does one get a real, definitive handle on the market as it is right now? The answer is: You’re already doing it. So take off your shoes, kick up your feet and stay awhile! Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about web hosting is coming right up, and at a pace that’s easy to handle.

1. First, you need to determine what kind of capabilities your website requires.

Selecting the right web host is all about determining your needs and knowing what to look for. We will leave the determinations up to you while revealing what you need to keep an eye on during your search.



shared hosting

Shared or personal hosting, is where a single web server is shared amongst dozens to hundreds of webmasters simultaneously.

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vps hosting

Virtual private server is very similar to shared hosting, but instead of having a single portion of the server, the entire server is split accumulatively.

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dedicated hosting

Dedicated server is capable of handling more functions simultaneously since you do not have to share the web server with anyone else.

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2. Check honest reviews. Here, you won’t find any paid reviews, only solid facts about the business as it is.

We’ve been in and out of the business for many years now, and as analysts of the industry, we have a rock-solid handle on the trends that exist now, as well as those that are likely to come. As such, it’s our job to bring the best and brightest to your attention, helping you make the most educated decision possible when signing with a web hosting provider.

Additionally, it’s also our job to point out the big names that don’t perform as well. We want to ensure that you’re satisfied with the host you decide on, and if we know of any providers that shirk their customers, remove valuable support, or simply charge an arm and a leg over what they promise, we’ll let you know about it. Whether it’s the good, the bad, or the ugly, we don’t hold any barres.

3. Know the options. We also want to keep you educated about the latest technologies at work.

Do you have no clue what a dedicated server is, but yet your IT department demands that you find a few? What about search engine optimization or green hosting? Do you have these services, or better yet, even know what they are? If not, there’s no reason in the world to panic. We feel your pain, we believe it isn’t just our job to comb through the Internet reviewing web hosts as we go, and we promise to deliver easy to understand overviews of each of these terms.

We’ll take you to the cutting edge of web hosting with cloud computing resources, then bounce you right back to a critical overview of traditional shared hosting and all its assorted problems. Do you need a rundown on all the available control panels? No problem! We’ll walk you right through cPanel and Plesk, and if you require it, we’ll also throw in a bit about shell commands. From eMail servers to PHP coding, we promise to cover all the bases, maximizing your knowledge base and increasing the quality you expect from your next web hosting provider.